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Blackburn Brewhouse 
Tapping into Emerging Trends 
Combining a contemporary sleek design with the sustainable benefits of a pre-engineered structure in a local craft brewery community that is thriving. With over 32 000 square feet of space, Blackburn ownership has aimed to become a leader in the industry by incorporating spaces for events as well as manufacturing and warehousing space for contract brewing to support additional micro-brew companies in the region.
Inspiration From Across the Border
The Blackburn Group came to DCS with a vision to build a state-of-the-art brewhouse and Production Facility in the heart of Niagara's' growing business sector. Their goal was to create a unique and diverse space, where members of the local community can come and gather to experience the makings of a local brewery, share food, stories and local knowledge. The process started with a group trip to Columbus Ohio to visit the 100,000 SF BREW DAWGS flag ship brewery hotel. Capturing a sense of large open spaces with comforting vibe, our design and construction team (Blackburn Group, ACK Architect, DCS) left full of inspiration and a and with a vision of what is now one of the largest players in the contract brewing game within the region. 
Next Generation Brewhouse
By utilizing a multi-span structural design along with a Mono slope building roof shape and pitch, DCS and our network of design & construction professionals were able to assure a quality, energy efficient building envelope with architectural versatility and sustainability. Insulated metal panels and insulated architectural panels combined to produced a cost effective climate controlled structure, while maintaining an aesthetic, sleek contemporary design. A future of endless possibilities within the industry are reflected within this prototype model/design depicting the future of the pre-engineered metal building industry.
Size: 32,000 SQ.FT
Frame Type: Span-Tech Layout
Wall Schedule: WMP-50 Rolled insulation (R-20)
Roof System: Standing Seam Double-Lok - Mono slope .5/12
Brewery Production Facility & Retail 
Blackburn Group
8001 Blackburn Pkwy, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada
ACK Architects
Building Supplier: 
Robertson Building Systems 
George Hantziagelis
MBA Engineering  
Robertson Building Systems 
Upper Canada Consultants 
Alazzam Engineering 
Landtek Limited 
Alazzam Engineering 
Florida Landscape 
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