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Colaneri Wine Barn
In the Heart of Wine Country
Located in the Heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake's wine country, just around the corner from the popular Colaneri Estate Winery, this new pre-engineered wine barn makes its presence known with its vast size and unique barn-like structure. Situated just below the escarpment, the building series of large windows open up the building from within, providing views to the surrounding vineyards and local landscape. 

Estimated Completion Date: 
November 2021

Size: 10,000 SQ.FT
Frame Type: Clear Span / Tapered Column 
Wall Schedule: 
Mesa IMP 4” panel
Mesa Exterior Stucco Embossed  Sig 200 colour 24 gauge
Interior stucco Embossed sign 200 colour Igloo white 24 gauge
Roof System: 
CFR - insulated standing seem panel 5” thick
Exterior face Galvalume colour  24 gauge
Built to Last
The durability of pre-engineered metal buildings makes them very attractive, especially in the rigorous and unforgiving climate of the niagara region. The use of commercial-grade metal’s strength means far fewer structural pieces create a much sturdier building. Greater Structural Strength and Integrity enhances the value of construction and provides value to a pillar of the local business community.
MBA Engineering  
Colaneri Estate Winery
975 York Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada
ACK Architects
Building Supplier: 
Robertson Building Systems 
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