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Cornerstone Pharmacy(Interior Build-out)
Evolution of Healthcare Design 
Cornerstone Pharmacy is a prime example of how today, pre-engineered metal building systems can be found in a wide range of building types, creating highly attractive solutions. One of the many benefits of pre-engineered metal building systems is the design flexibility to fully customize the interior. Our work at Cornerstone Pharmacy is a prime example of how layout options are virtually limitless. 
Not Your Average Medical Retail Space
Taking a pre-existing building and inserting our own floorpan design allowed us to expand our knowledge starting from a new case of the construction process. Custom millwork allowed for each tenant to reorganize the space to suit their program. A communal foyer partitioning either tenets retail space makes for an inviting and spacious interior, claiming ample space for hosting multiple people at once.
wall schedule _edited.jpg
Size: 4,707 SQ.FT
Medical Retail 
Maged Mikhail & Kent Wilson 
295 Fourth Ave, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Alazzam Engineering  
Alazzam Engineering  
ACK Architects 
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