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Garrison Automotive Service 
Eight Bays on Crescent Bay 
The design resonates with Fort Erie's past while also engaging in its present day culture. Referencing a familiar presence in the local landscape, DCS employed a utilitarian pre-engineered metal building system to create a barn structure with a contemporary fling, yet efficient in matching the function of the business occupying it. 
Blue and Gold Makes Green 
Metal buildings promote environmental efficiency by their very nature as they are made from recycled material. The building system uses 60% recycled metal as well as energy-saving, insulated metal-panel cladding. With one of Garrison Autos primary concerns being its environmental impact, they looked to ensure that by Insulating and utilizing a metal building, they were to encourage energy efficiency and would have a dramatic and immediate impact on energy expenditure. Boosting thermal efficiency is a matter of using the right insulation, which in turn contributes to the longevity of the building itself.
Size: 6,000 SQ.FT
Frame Type: Clear-Span
Front Elevtion - colour_edited.jpg
Thinking Ahead
The design, layout and organization of a vehicle maintenance shop are very important. Shops ought to be set up in a way that allows for maximum functionality, safe and ergonomic working conditions and overall productivity. Understanding the shop’s current and future needs is crucial in designing the ideal maintenance facility. The site contains vacant land as a means of future development to add to its newly built 4 bay garage.
Automotive Service Garage
Garrison Automotive
1300 Garrison Rd, Fort Erie, Ontario Canada 
ACK Architects 
Building Supplier: 
Behlen Buildings 
Vics Contracting
MBA Engineering  
Chambers & Associates 
MEP Engineering 
Fuse Engineering 
James McWilliam Landscape Architect
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